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eWalletXpress has been in business for a good while now and they have a firm customer base because they have proven to their customers that they can be trusted with their money and their privacy and that they will provide them with an experience that they can rely on all the time. This is an online account that lets their customers deposit, withdraw as well as transfer funds to online merchants including online casinos. Players can instantly transfer funds to and from any casino that supports the service as a payment or deposit option.

eWalletXpress uses the latest technology in order to give their customers/players the most secure method of funding their account. The highest priority of this company is to keep their customers personal information secure and safe at all times; to do this they us any and all measures that are available today and they are updated constantly. Their technology protocols and their security measures are the best in the industry today, they have developed systems to make sure that all of their customers valuable personal information is kept protected and it is stored in their data center that is shared by banks and many other leading financial institutions.

Now for the real reasons why internet casino players trust their money to eWalletXpress. There are several reasons besides the above mentioned that players constantly keep coming back to this service and some of them include the following: the registration process is quick and most importantly easy. There are only a few questions that need to be answered, you wonít be filling out a novel here. Next, there is no credit card required, this is because it is known that many players do not want their credit card numbers out on the internet.
Latest eWallet Xpress and Casino News:

06-15-15 -

There are a number of online payment methods used by people in Europe from credit and debit cards to eWallets and wire transfers.

05-16-15 -

Optimal Payments, which owns Neteller, has said they will be buying Skrill Group for about $1.2 billion dollars.

04-14-15 -

Google has announced they will be providing another online payment method entitled ďAndroid Pay.Ē

03-17-15 -

There are some great online payment methods available for players who want to wager at online casinos.

02-13-15 -

What are the most popular online payment methods that players use when making deposits and withdrawals at the online casino? Letís take a look at the top 7 online payment methods.

01-20-15 -

There are many different online payment methods available around the world including in the Asia-Pacific areas. Letís look at the most popular ones for this region of the world and a few new online payment methods.

12-17-14 -

The most preferred way for consumers in Europe to make online payments is still credit cards.

11-18-14 -

The newest online payment method is Sign2Pay which launched in England.

One of the most important reasons this method is so popular is because there are INSTANT funding methods available, which means your money could be in the casino right now if you wanted. Next up is that customers can fund their account directly from their bank account, no middle man no nothing just easy and quick. Another important feature is that there is real time access to the funds with this service, there are unlimited payouts; which means it doesnít matter how much you win you can get it through eWalletXpress. The last two reasons are the real deal, detailed statements are always available so that you can clearly see what you have spent and what you have received in return and finally their outstanding customer support team. The support team is around all the time just in case you have a problem or a question that you need help with.

Overall, eWalletXpress is a great deposit option to choose if you want security, privacy and instant access to all things having to do with your money. There are many casinos that accept this as a payment option, you just have to find your favorite one, three of the most popular that we know about are Quatro Casino, Lucky Emperor Casino and Captain Cooks Casino, with this option and that casino you just canít go wrong.


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