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Asia-Pacific Online Payment Methods

There are many different online payment methods available around the world including in the Asia-Pacific areas. Letís look at the most popular ones for this region of the world and a few new online payment methods.

The largest Asia market is China and online and mobile payments that are the most popular are Alipay and Tencent. Behind the top two are 99Bill, Lakala Payment and China PnR. Online payment users continue to increase in China with 300 million in June of this past year.

Customers in Japan continue to use credit cards and bank transfers to make online payments but Japan has launched a new mobile payment method this past year, Line Pay, based in Korea. Also launching this year in Japan was a payment transfer system through Facebook from Rakuten Bank. South Korea had a new mobile payment method launched called KakaoTalk, by Daum Kakao while Samsung introduced the Samsung Wallet in cooperation with Yelopay.

The most popular online payment method for Australians continues to be credit cards. Online payment methods in India really havenít taken off while the same is true in Pakistan and Vietnam.

While credit cards are still by far the most popular online payment method, e-wallet alternatives are gaining popularity in many countries around the world including those in the Asia-Pacific areas.

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