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Newest Online Payment Method is Sign2Pay

The newest online payment method is Sign2Pay which launched in England. The payment method is a mobile payment method that has already received good reviews from many banks. Let’s look at Sign2Pay.

Sign2Pay was designed for those customers who need to make mobile payments. “None of the current payment solutions are optimized for mobile,” said founder Nicolas Mertens, “The problem with mobile commerce is that nobody’s converting,” he added. “The merchants are losing a lot of money by not having solutions that are designed for mobile.”

Sign2Pay is hoping to become the “unified solution” for making mobile debit payments. Sign2Pay uses a real-time signature that is input into a smartphone or tablet screen. Mertens said that there is less chance for fraud with a signature versus a password or PIN number. “We track items like speed, the strokes, the amount of strokes, the touchpoints, where they lose the canvas, where they rejoin the canvas, where they start, where they end, there are many more variables in a signature.”

Once a user is signed up with Sign2Pay they can then make mobile payments simply by signing their name. “We have invented a way that’s easy to use but offers a high level of security,” Mertens said.

Sign2Pay is focusing on the debit card market not the credit card market. The Sign2Pay technology could also be licensed for use on mobile devices as a password or PIN replacement.

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