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Old Reliable Credit Card

Even though there are a multitude of online payment methods, people still like to use credit cards over any other option. That is starting to change as people are realizing that e-Wallets are a reliable and safe way to pay for things online.

Two companies that are popular with gamblers are PayPal and Western Union and both of them have new products. PayPal has a new mobile payment option while Western Union has WU Pay. In Europe, credit cards are still popular but people are taking a look at other options including Skrill, EcoCard and EntroPay. And even in Russia people are looking at other options as the leading e-Wallet service in Russia is Yandex.Money.

For the most part, people are reluctant to change. Credit cards have been around a long time and they are still the preferred payment method for most people around the world. Change has been slow to come but more people are using e-Wallets to send and receive money. The advantage of the e-Wallet is that it is normally prepaid which means people cannot go over their spending limit.

As people become more familiar with the many different prepaid options they will continue to gain popularity. Credit cards are still the most popular choice as a payment method but other methods are slowly gaining ground.

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