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Despite the proliferation of eWallets over the last few years, credit cards are still the preferred payment option of most online casino players. However the incidence of credit card rejection may increase in the future, particularly in the United States. It can be very frustrating if a player urgently needs to deposit funds and their credit card transaction is not going through. At that time, looking for a eWallet, completing the signing up process, funding the new option and remitting funds is bound to take some time. And if this process is done under duress then more than likely mistakes will be made while setting this up. Therefore, even if the player intends to use credit cards to make deposits at online casinos, it is advisable to carefully select a eWalletXpress beforehand as a backup. Then if the credit card transaction is a problem the player can switch to eWalletXpress without any loss of time or sweat.

Certain factors need to be kept in mind while selecting a eWallet. The reliability and cost factors are important; however the acceptability of eWallets is equally important. The advantage of eWalletXpress lies in that it can be a single source for funding all online casino transactions. The players banking or credit card details need to be given to one eWallet service provider only. If a player has to sign up with different eWallets for different online casinos then this advantage is lost. The problem arises because some online casinos donít accept all eWallets. An online casino selects a limited number of eWallet options based on eWallets popularity and its clientele and that is why eWallet Xpress is a great choice.

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