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It is expected that in the next three years, e-wallets will surpass credit cards as the top form of online payment method. A recent report said that the use of e-wallets will continue to rise, overtaking credit cards by 2017.

Just two years ago in the UK the use of e-wallets for ecommerce sales was at just 16.2%. That compared to 78% for people using credit cards. The numbers in the next few years are expected to change with e-wallets up to nearly 60% by 2017. There is no question that alternative online payment methods are the fastest growing type of payment methods in the world today.

The recent online report was looking at figures from 2012 where it showed that in the UK, customers used credit cards about three quarters of the time to make purchases for goods and services. E-wallets were a distance second choice at about 16%. Those numbers were much higher in other countries including China where e-wallet transactions accounted for almost half of the online payments.

Customers who want to send and receive money online and pay for goods and services including transferring money to online casinos continue to choose e-wallets as a popular online payment method. In the next few years the use of e-wallets should surpass credit cards as the primary way to send and receive money and pay for things online.

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