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The Due Theory at the Online Casino

You probably have heard about the due theory at the online casino. Some people might refer to the due theory as the gamblerís fallacy. It is where gamblers believe that something is due to happen. Whether it is a number, a card, or even heads or tails, the due theory says that something is overdue to happen. The problem with the due theory is that it is false.

Gambling is all about the numbers. The bottom line is that the house has the edge. It doesnít matter how many times something has happened there is no reason that the opposite has to happen next time. The simplest example of how to illustrate the due theory is to flip a coin. If heads comes up five times in a row then the due theory says that tails is due to come up next. In reality that is not true as the chances are still 50-50 on the next flip. You can take this due theory and apply it to roulette, craps, video poker, baccarat and practically every other online casino game.

The problem with the due theory is that it can get gamblers into all kinds of trouble. People will watch the roulette wheel and after five or six reds or blacks they will bet the opposite way. The problem with doing that is that there is no such thing as a number or color being due as the wheel has no memory.

The due theory sounds great, is fun to follow, but in the long run it wonít win you any money at the online casino.

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