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Debit Card Payment Methods

There are a lot of great online payment methods available today including debit cards. Letís examine the debit card payment method.

A debit card is very similar to a credit card but there are some definite differences. Debit cards are far easier to get approved at the online casino than credit cards. The limits are also normally much higher with a debit card because it comes straight from your bank account.

There is no question that debit cards are the most popular way to pay for things today. A debit card is basically a plastic card linked to your bank account. It is just like taking money out of the bank and handing it to the merchant only it is done with the swipe of a card. The most common debit cards still have the MasterCard and VISA logos but they are not credit cards.

When you use a debit card you normally put in your pin number to approve the transaction. There is no other ID required. The debit cards can be used pretty much anywhere in the world including online casinos.

There are not many drawbacks to using a debit card but you should be aware that there is less protection with a debit card than with a credit card or even an e-Wallet. If you card gets lost or stolen you could be at greater risk since that card is tied to your bank account.

Overall, the debit card is a popular option for sending money online and it can also be used to receive money as well.

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