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Online Casino Average Payout Ratio

You probably know what house edge means when talking about online casino games but what about average payout ratio? It is a term that refers to the amount a player will get back in the long run when playing the games. Most online casino games have an average payout ratio of 95% or more.

The interesting part about average payout ratio is that not all online casino games are the same. There will be some games where the ratio is about 99% which means in the long run it is almost a break even game for the player. You might be wondering which games offer the best average payout ratio for players.

It gets a little tricky to determine which games are the absolute best for the players because decision making comes into play. Blackjack can be a very good game for players but only if they play smart. It is a bad game for players who really donít know what they are doing. The same can be said about craps which offers some really good value bets but also some really bad ones. The one game that is the best value for the player is baccarat. As long as players donít bet the tie they really canít go wrong. The average payout ratio is going to be over 98%. Maybe that is why the high rollers really like playing baccarat.

Not to be left out of the discussion of average payout ratio is video poker. Many of the machines offer payout ratios near 99% but again, that is only if players make the right decisions.

The bottom line with average payout ratio as the online casino is that the best games to play are baccarat, blackjack, craps and video poker.

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