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eWalletXpress stands today as one of the most popular e-wallet payment options available. Providing an excellent array of deposit, withdrawal and transfer options coupled with unbeatable security, it is easy to see why customers choose eWalletXpress for their online purchasing needs.

eWalletXpress is an online money account service that enables customers to quickly and securely transfer cash to your Online Casino account. You can think of your eWalletXpress account just as you would think about your wallet, the only difference is that it's online.

Making deposits into your eWalletXpress account can be done through a variety of means that vary slightly depending on if you are situated in the USA or not. For the most part the means of crediting an account are check, money order, bank wire, and direct credit from a checking account. Not all of these means are free: However, once the money is in you eWalletXpress account, the transferal to the merchant never comes with a charge. The specific charges and the maximum deposit limits also vary from country to country and depend on your personal settings that are determined by the amount you use the service. The eWalletXpress website has very straightforward run down of all of the variations, each of which comes with a clear explanation of its terms and conditions.

Players love this simple deposit method. There are some restrictions though. The minimum amount you must deposit when using eWalleteXpress is $50 and the maximum is $500. For new players, this is one of the most preferred methods you won't be disappointed. Player are encouraged to open up a Ewalletxpress account because it is so simple to use and widely accepted around the world.

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