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New Online Payment Method in UK Coming Soon

People in the UK will have another online payment option later this year when Zapp starts its service. The mobile payment service Zapp has already reached agreement with some big banks in the UK that will be backing the service. They are HSBC, First Direct, Santander, Nationwide and Metro Bank.

Zapp is a mobile payment service that allows customers to use their smartphones and tablets to pay for goods or services online. Customers will be able to make online payments and transfer money easily and quickly from their Zapp account. The account can be funded by transferring money from the bank to the Zapp account.

The chief executive of Zapp recently said that their mobile payment system will be safer than using a credit card. It will be easy for customers to use Zapp as they simply have to launch an app and they will be able to pay for goods or services or transfer money. Customers will be able to see how much money is in their account so they will always know how much can be used for a purchase or a transfer.

Many people will be watching for the launch of Zapp as it could be a big start for moving mobile payments into the big time in the U.K. With five major banks already on board Zapp already has made a good start.

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