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The United States tried to make it more difficult for gamblers to send and receive money to online casinos but that really didnít happen thanks to companies like eWalletXpress. They have a secure and fast online payment system that more and more gamblers are choosing as the way to send and receive money online.

eWalletXpress is really just an electronic wallet where players can transfer funds. Some players choose to make a deposit into their eWalletXpress account using a bank account while others use credit cards. Some players use XpressFunds as the way they transfer money to their eWalletXpress account while others use bank wires or money orders. In Canada, a popular deposit option is the online bill payment where players can transfer funds from their bank account.

When a customer opens an eWalletXpress account they are able to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds easily and quickly. eWalletXpress has top of the line security that makes customers' personal information very secure. eWalletXpress has encrypted systems, many of which are the same ones used by top banks around the world

eWalletXpress also offers instant funding methods, real-time access, unlimited payouts, detailed statements and live customer service support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For a safe, secure and popular online payment processing system, more and more gamblers are choosing eWalletXpress.


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