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Mobile Online Payment Methods

More and more people are using their mobile devices to do everything, including making payments. While the interest in mobile payment methods is high, there still hasnít been a great deal of people who have been using their mobile devices instead of their credit cards. That should change as more mobile payment methods come online.

The latest numbers indicate that just about 15% of mobile device owners have used their mobile device to make online payments in the last three months. The interesting part about the numbers is that in that same survey, most of the users would be interested in using their mobile device to make payments if they had a good option.

It could be that what is needed is for consumers to get some incentive to use their mobile device instead of a credit card to make payments. Part of that incentive could be loyalty programs, bonuses, coupons, etc. One of the companies that have taken the lead is Starbucks as they have an app that has proven to be very popular. It allows customers to pay for coffee quickly and easily and rewards them for usage.

Some of the online payment providers who could be poised to take the lead in terms of mobile payments are PayPal, Google Wallet, Loop and a new one called the Merchant Customer Exchange. And not to be forgotten are Apple and Amazon who have millions of customers.

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