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Alternative Payment Methods

While credit cards still dominate online payment methods there are a lot of other options available. Letís look at a few options that you may not have considered when sending or receiving money online.

The most popular alternative to credit cards are electronic wallet options like Neteller, Ecocard, Click2Pay and Moneybookers. eWallets avoid the credit check, risk of denial and bank problems that credit cards have. Customers simply deposit money into their e-wallet and then use it like a credit card without the fear of rejection or of going over their spending limit.

You probably know about EFTs (electronic fund transfers) but you may not understand just how easy they are. The EFT is basically a bank transfer where the money goes from your bank account to the online merchant or vice versa. Sometimes you will have an independent provider that handles the EFT so a bank is not always involved.

Sometimes people are still reluctant to charge things online so they prefer to use their phone. eCharge offers that option as goods and services are charged to a phone bill.

This is really just an online version of a check where the funds are drawn on a bank account. The e-check does require a standard checking account but it is usually faster than using a regular check.

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