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eWalletXpress has developed into one of the most secure online casino currency transfer vehicles and one of the most popular and widely used as a result.

The popularity of eWalletXpress is based on the combination of that security along with its ease of use and wide acceptance with the online casino gambling community.

Customers of eWalletXpress can deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds to online merchants and casinos. An account with eWalletXpress is online and funds can be moved instantly with this payment method.

Security and fraud are always a concern when moving money online and eWalletXpress addresses those concerns with the latest in cutting edge technology to prevent fraud and identity theft. The privacy of their customers has always been the number one priority of eWalletXpress and has helped build their stellar reputation with online gamblers. Security technology has been constantly improved and updated by eWalletXpress and all customer information is encrypted and stored in a Tier 1 data center that is utilized by the leading banks and financial institutions.

Registration is quick and easy with eWalletXpress and no credit card is required. You can fund directly from your bank account for added convenience and have real time access to funds. Among the services offered by eWalletXpress are unlimited payouts and detailed statements along with 24/7 live customer support.

There is nothing better than having a wallet online and that is what eWalletXpress is all about making your online gambling money transfers quick, safe and easy.


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